Using Essential Oils to Enhance Your Travel Experience

The last month has been a whirlwind of excitement, fun, and love! At the end of February I got married to my best friend! It was a beautiful day filled with so much magic and happiness. Then of course came the honeymoon! We spent 5 days in an apartment a block away from the beach in Puerto Rico! We had so much fun walking around, getting to know the city. After Puerto Rico we got onto a cruise ship and set sail for St. Thomas, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, and St. Maarten! All of these places were absolutely breathtaking in their own unique ways!

For each of the stages of travel we went through, my husband and I were so happy that we brought along our oils. Here were the key oils I wouldn’t go on a trip without!

At the airport and on the plane:

On Guard beadlets – to help keep us safe from potential sickness due to the recycled air and close proximity to other passengers. These beadlets are super tiny and can easily be taken orally with or without water.

Peppermint beadlets – amazing for helping soothe nausea and settle the stomach. Plus you get the added benefit of fresh breath!

Citrus Bliss hand lotion – I find my skin always gets dry on planes, so I brought this along to not only help hydrate my hands but to also provide a mood boost with the subtle citrus aroma.

At the apartment in PR:

Lavender – We of course brought our diffuser because we are obsessed! The apartment we were in was on a busy street and it took us a few days to get used to the noise. To help us while we were doing this was the calming effect of the lavender oil. Also great to help ease the pain of a sunburn!

Lemon – We used this during the day to add some extra happiness to the already sun-filled room!

Breathe (aka Easy Air) – This is one of our favs…diffusing it helps us to, well, breathe! I find we sleep better when we use this guy!

On the cruise:

Peppermint – If you are someone who suffers from motion sickness then this baby is for you! At night when the ship was at sea the boat was substantially rocky and I get seasick very easily. So it was not looking good for me the first couple of nights. My husband had the idea to use a drop of peppermint oil behind each ear and what do you know it worked like a charm!

Throughout the trip:

DigestZen (aka ZenGest) – So we ate ALOT of food. PR had so many amazing restaurants that were within walking distance to our apartment. So naturally we decided to visit almost all of them. The pizza, the fresh smoothies, the meat stuffed plantains covered in melted cheese…I could go on and on. Let alone all of the food on the cruise! So DigestZen came in handy multiple times to settle the stomach. A drop or two on the abdomen and your body will thank you.

Deep Blue rub – In PR we lived out one of my dreams of learning how to surf! Let’s just say I’m not quite ready for Pipe Master. We were feeling pretty good the after our first lesson and decided to book another one two days later. What we didn’t account for was the day after muscle soreness. We could barely raise our arms! Deep Blue was there for us in our time of need!

Serenity softgels – These are my secret weapon…whenever I need a little help falling asleep and feeling rested in the morning I pop a couple of these before bed. I took two the night before the wedding and slept right through a thunderstorm (just saying).

To your health and happiness,

Kelly :)

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