How to Create Your Own 5 Minute Journal

I don’t know if you guys have heard anything about the 5 minute journal, but basically it’s this journal that has 5 questions you ask yourself each day. It’s supposed to only take 5 minutes to write and in doing so teaches you how to be grateful. They say in their product description that it “trains your mind to become happier” and “helps you shift your focus on the positive and short-circuits negative thought loops.” Sounds amazing right??

I really liked the idea of this because I love writing in a journal but sometimes find it hard to make time or to be inspired to write. I was originally going to buy the journal but I decided to just make my own!

First, you need a journal to write in! Chapters always has journals on clearance and they generally have a big selection. I recommend actually going into the store rather than shopping online for a journal to really find one that inspires you.

Here’s what you write each day:

* Date at the top of the page.

* Find a quote that inspires you and write it on the first few lines.

* Answer these 5 questions…

In the morning:

1) I am grateful for… (3 things)

2) What would make today great? (3 things)

3) Daily affirmations – I am…

In the evening:

4) Three amazing things that happened today…

5) How could I have made today better?

Bonus: Add in a weekly challenge. For example, get focused on______ or I will be kinder. Something along those lines.

I really liked creating my own Five Minute Journal because it allows me more freedom with how much or how little I want to write that day. Also, I tend to add pictures and other doodles to truly make it my own. Let me know what you think!

To your health and happiness,

Kelly :)

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