From searching for the light to being the light

Over the last three years I've been on a personal journey to really and truly find myself and become the person I'm meant to be. At the beginning, I didn't even know how desperately I needed this. I knew I craved something more but I had no idea what more was.

I started doing yoga because, I thought, these yogis ALWAYS seem happy! I wanted in on it! I found yoga to be great for me. It calmed me and provided a spiritual outlet I hadn't known before. It was something that I was doing for me and no-one else. I could make the class as challenging or as easy breezy as I wanted . The beauty of it is that you can go at your own pace and ability. When I first started yoga, I gravitated more towards power classes and vinyasa flows. But I soon burned out and began to feel like there was still something missing.

I ventured into more restorative and hatha type classes and fell in love with the idea of tuning into your body and slowing the heck down. I've always been a go go go type of person (thanks for the influence mom!), and never really took the time to actually breathe and explore what my body and mind needed. Let me tell you, hatha yoga is my homegirl for realz. It's a great compliment to my busy life and provides me with balance. I'm not writing this to win you over on certain yoga styles, but I do promise to get to the point eventually. Patience grasshopper.

The yoga studio was the first place I was exposed to essential oils. They always had the diffuser going in the lobby and would use different oils on cool facecloths for the end of class to place over your forehead (#magic). From then on I was intrigued and continued to research various things oils can be used for. I mainly wanted them to help with sleeping better and to increase my immunity (check out my about me section for more on that), but I still hadn't made the jump. That was until a close friend of mine told me about the oils she was using and how freaking awesome they were. I finally gave in and got me some of them dang oils! From that day I have not looked back! Again, I'm not writing to talk to you about how lavender is good for calming or eucalyptus helps the respiratory system and so on.

What I really want to talk about is how these oils helped me open up on a personal, emotional, and spiritual level. The oil community is one that focuses on taking care of the body as a total unit. The mind, spirit, and body are all equal in their importance. If one aspect is weak, the system as a whole cannot function to its fullest. By taking care of my body on a cellular level, I began to realize how important it was to take care of my mind too. I have now become a self proclaimed personal development junkie! I am obsessed with PD books...I'm sitting here in the middle of Indigo, writing this post, and it is taking every ounce of me to not walk over and browse the wellness section. Who am I kidding?! I'll probably walk out with one or five books (postscript: totally did). Personal development is something I take very seriously because it is an investment in myself. There ain't nothing more valuable than your mind sista! Get that through your beautifully head!

Throughout this journey I've had to distance myself from certain people who brought my energy and focus down, but what that did was to leave room in my life for others who's vibrations brought me right back up. I've met so many inspiring and bright people in the last few years that have helped to shape me into the person I am today. I can say with confidence that there has been such a shift in my perspective on life and I am so glad to be where I am at today.

My soul has been cracked wide open! Recently I was told by a friend that I have inspired her to keep going and looking for the better. I went from searching for the light to being the light. I have those people that build me up and now I am that person for her! It makes tear up thinking that I am helping someone shine. Ultimately, if all I get out of my business with essential oils is this one thing, that would be all I ever need. Sending out all the good vibes,

Kelly :)

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