Surviving The Holidays!

Here is a quick and simple guide to using your oils for helping with common holiday ailments!

Too much food? Too many sweets and chocolates? Use your Slim & Sassy to curb sugar cravings and balance out that metabolism. Add a few drops to your drinking water and gulp down or apply directly to your abdomen. Use DigestZen to ease all kinds of stomach discomfort! Apply on the tummy and see how fast it works!

Too much boozing? Do yourself a favor and have Zendocrine on hand. Its a blend of ALLLL the major detoxifying oils merged into one kickass bottle. It is especially helpful for filtering your organs (like the liver) out and will clear you up in no time! Grapefruit is also amazing for removing toxins and cleansing. You can add both of these to your water or put some in an empty veggie capsule!

Too much family? (LOL) We all get it don't we?! Serenity and Balance in your diffuser during family gatherings will be your saving grace! I even put them on my diffuser bracelet for some subtle personal saving.

Too much germies? OnGuard will be your best friend! With all of the closeness, hugs, kisses, crazy kids running around, there is bound to be some sharing of germs. Apply OnGurad to the bottoms of your feet before stuffing them into your favourite holiday socks to protect yourself from sickness. Bonus tip: OnGuard is also great to protect yourself from negative energy (aka energy suckers). Apply one or two drops to your index finger and middle finger and then make a cross by touching your forehead, chest, and each shoulder.


Give me a shout and let me know how these remedies worked for you over the holidays! And if you need to get your hands on these oils, reach out and I can hook you up!


Kelly :)

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