So You've Got Your Oils...Now What?

So you've enrolled, your pretty purple box has arrived at your door, you've managed to bring it inside, and now it's sitting on your kitchen table. You may have cracked it open and peered inside. Or you may have not even done that. Now what?

The important thing to remember with oils is that you really can't go wrong. It's also important to start to form habits with the oils right away in order to make the transition from what you currently use to one free of chemicals and synthetics.

Bringing oils into your home should not be overwhelming or cause you stress...that's the complete opposite of what they're here to do! What I want to do is set you up for a lifetime of success and fun with your oils!



Easy PM routine:

* set your diffuser free from its box and put it somewhere in the bedroom & add two drops of lavender and two drops of breathe/easy air about an hour before you go to bed.

* if you're a bath person (100% moi), add two drops of lavender with two drops of frankincense to a cup of epsom or himalayan salts (scent free of course) and throw it in the bath. Put on your favourite podcast or relaxing music and soak.

* if baths aren't for you then add a drop of breathe/easy air to the back of the shower and let the steam bring the oil all through the bathroom. Take nice deep cleansing breaths to let your day go and unwind.

* add a single drop of frankincense to your facial and/or body moisturizer.

* right before bed rub a drop of deep blue and a drop of lavender into your shoulders, neck, and feet.



The first week is the best time to really research your oils and find easy DIY recipes that you an use to incorporate them into your life. Check out my previous post here about the top oils and how to use them.

This is also a good time to grab yourself some DIY supplies, like roller bottles and spray bottles, so that you have them on hand. I find mine on amazon and at My Essential Business . You can find castile soap, coconut oil, shea butter, and the like at Costco, amazon,, and at the organic sections in some grocery stores. Just remember to check the label on everything so you are getting pure and safe products. I personally use doTERRA's fractionated coconut oil as it is amazing quality and completely scent free.



Your first month will just be about you getting used to using your oils and finding what oils work best for you. Start experimenting and making your own blends of oils. Pinterest is a great resource for recipes and DIY's. Also, you can grab yourself The Essential Life book at My Essential Business. It has amazing info on each and every oil, plus it gives you oils to use for any ailments you may be suffering from.

Simple AM Routine:

* upon waking, add a drop of peppermint to your palms, rub them together, cup them over your mouth and nose, and breathe in.

* get your diffuser going (maybe in the kitchen) while you get ready for the day, even if it isn't for very long. Add two drops of lemon and two drops of peppermint.

* put a drop of water in big glass of water and gulp it down to prep your body for the day ahead.

* if it's flu season or you have little ones running around, add a drop of on guard to your feet before putting your socks on the boost your immune system and theirs.

* choose your favourite smelling oil and add a drop or two to the inside of your wrists, behind your ears, and on your chest as a "purefume".

Simple After Work Routine:

* set up your diffuser in your living room or kitchen and put in two drops lavender and two drops of lemon give yourself a chance to wind down and release everything from the day.

* after dinner, apply one or two drops of digestzen/zengest to your tummy to aid in digestion.

* when cleaning up the kitchen, add two drops of lemon and two drops of on guard to a clean wet cloth and wipe down your counters, stovetop, and table.

Simple PM Routine:

* continue with the same routine as you did for day one (cuz if it aint broke...) and start adding to it by integrating more oils.

* if you or your partner snore, try rubbing a drop of breathe/easy air on the chest before bed.

* melaleuca/tea tree can be used as a spot treatment on blemishes

* if you feel a cold coming on, add 10 drops of oregano to a 10ml roller bottle filled with FCO and swipe once on each foot before bed.



Keep on using your oils, finding recipes, and trying new combinations. Like I said before, you can't really go wrong with oils. Listen to what your body is craving and drawn to and you won't regret it!

If you haven't quite started your oil journey yet, simply head over here to get started or send me an email at to find out more.

To your happiness and health,

Kelly :)

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