I admit it...I was a sceptic.

My background is in health care. I've worked in the system. I know the ins and the outs. I've seen where it's failing.

I also have a history with Western medicine failing me. I've listened to what doctors and specialists have told me to do, take, or use. And sure, what they said worked...until it didn't.

I've been at a point where I thought my body was failing me. I was beyond frustrated. I would cry almost every day. My family didn't know how to help me. My husband didn't know how to help me. And I had lost hope.

I came to the realization that I needed to stop trying to get a quick fix. There was so much more healing that needed to be done in my body and band-aid solutions weren't going to work anymore.

Looking back now I thank my body for my symptoms, because what I've realized is that symptoms are signals tells us that something is wrong. Silencing the signals is not helping it's hurting.

What I had to do is understand that I am worth healing my body properly.

I am worth the investment in my health.

I resisted looking at other more natural alternatives for a longgggg time...mainly because they seemed expensive at first.

But then I looked at the money and the time I was spending in doctors offices, not getting solutions.

And I figured, what do I have to loose.

Sure, your health is an investment. But it's an investment for a future filled with feeling good in your own skin. Our bodies are meant to be healthy, they just need the right support.

I am worth it.

And so are you.

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