#1 - Reducing the toxic products I put in and on my body.

Our body's go through so much on a daily basis. They have to constantly be fending off microscopic intruders, flushing out our systems, and keeping us breathing! So why would we put extra stress on them by introducing substances that the body has to work extra hard to protect itself from? Take a look at the labels of your toothpaste, cleanser, laundry detergent, and even shampoo! To check whether products are safe, try downloading the Think Dirty app. It tells you what's what.

#2 - Adding a little something extra to my water intake.

Yeah we all know that we are supposed to be drinking water all the time, but why not make it a little more interesting. I admit it, I'm the worst at remembering to drink water. So what I do is make my water taste so much better by adding a drop or two of my fav citrus oil. One day it's lemon, the next it's mandarin, or even kumquat! I mix it up for taste but I'm also getting amazing detoxing benefits at the same time!

#3 - No perfumes or fragrance is ever near me.

I actually get headaches and feel super nauseous of I a cologne, perfume, or even a candle is close to me. I used to think that I was just sensitive to smell, but in reality it's my body telling me that this fragrance ain't anything but chemical yuck. To give you an example, I used to hate anything that had “lavender fragrance” in it. Like I would run the other way. As much as I heard it was relaxing and calming, I couldn't get passed the terrible smell. Fast forward to now when I use lavender essential oil multiple times daily! See, the difference is all in how it's made. Fragrance is the chemical imitation of naturally occurring substances. It ain't the real deal. You're breathing in straight up chems. No thanks! The essential oils I use are the absolute purest and contain only good, old fashioned, straight up lavender.

#4 - I listen to what my body is telling me and try to support it the best I can.

We have been taught for a while that if you have any symptom, there's something that can make it go away. So what happens when what we've been told will get rid of our symptoms no longer works? I've seen this a lot from working in healthcare. We try to sweep things under the rug and hope they don't come back. Aka a band-aid solution. Our bodies are meant to signal us when something is wrong! So why aren't we taking it seriously?! When I have a headache or my eczema flares, I look for the root cause. I don't just pop a pill, or slap steroid cream on it, I recognize it as a way my body is telling me that something is off and I work to rectify it. Listen to your beautiful bod! She knows what's up.

#5 - I have a sleep routine that is all about me.

From working shift work, my sleep is...weird. I am one of the deepest sleepers you might ever meet. But I have trouble getting to sleep. So I have a routine. I put my PJs on. Wash and oil up my face (yarrow pom & frank oils are the best). Pop my fav sleepy blend in my diffuser (usually lav, vetiver, and cedarwood). And take one capsule each of Copaiba(helps reduces anxious feelings), Serenity(supports restful sleep), & OnGuard (immune system boost while I sleep). I don't have to drink wine to get to sleep. I don't have to take any medication for sleep. And I don't have to worry about getting to sleep. Because I have tools that help me!

What are your fav high vibes ways to keep yourself healthy?

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