Shift work sucks. I know that from personal experience.

  • Lack of sleep that completely messes up your circadian rhythm.

  • Sore muscles from having to force your body awake when all it wants to do is sleep.

  • A messed up stomach from lack of proper nutrition since all you feel like eating is junk food.

  • And the emotional roller coaster you go through when you can't go to Christmas dinner with your family because you have to work.

Oh boy do I get it. Sometimes we can't change any of that, but we can find tools to help aid us when we do have to work shifts.


This oil is multipurpose. You can use it to help your body relax and calm for when it's time to sleep. Also, It's great for your mental health in that is helps with anxiety and stress. Apply it on the bottom of your feet, throw it in the diffuser, and inhale deeply.


This one is going to be great for your digestion. Not only does it help curb sugar cravings but it also promotes a fast metabolism. Especially when your body doesn't know what is day or night, it's so important to help it in the digestive process. Add one drop to a smoothie, rub on your stomach, or place a drop on the roof of your mouth.


When you are struggling to find the energy to go out and get groceries or head to work, this is the blend to reach for. It has citrus oils along with peppermint to give you an extra boost when you need it most. Apply to your temples and inside of wrists.


If you are prone to anxiety or panic attacks, these are the tools you should have on hand. All of these promote calm, grounding, and centering. Place a drop of one or all in your palms, rub them together, place your hands over your mouth and nose, breathe in over and over. ((see my previous post for more information on oils for anxiety))


Working all hours can make it tough to get the proper nutrients your body needs. That's when these supplements come into play. The pack includes xEO Mega, Microplex VMz, and Alpha CRS+ that combine together to give you essential nutrients, metabolism benefits, and powerful antioxidants designed to help promote energy and health.


Muscle pain and achy joints are another "side effect" of shift work. Rubbing this on your shoulders, lower back, anywhere you have pain is going to provide you so much relief.

Give these a tips a try and don't forget to go easy on yourself.

Wishing you happiness and health,

Kelly :)

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